Bioinformatics Overview

I was thrust into the world of bioinformatics when I definitely thought that I was just going to be working with bacteria in petri dishes… and that’s okay! As an undergrad, I ran my assays, got my data, and then had no idea what to do with it! I went to my advisor because I had downloaded R but had no idea how to run a command! “It tells me to hit enter, but every time I do that, nothing happens and it just adds another paragraph!” I’m pretty sure my advisor’s eyes rolled aaaaalllll the way to the back of her head.

And even though my advisor was more than welcome to sit down with me and try to explain every single thing, advisors have so much more on their plate. So I took my bioinformatics training into my own hands. I starting reading papers, finding online tutorials, reading articles and depositories on GitHub, and mindlessly scrolling through my advisor’s code, trying to figure out what all of these random letters, symbols, and numbers meant.

Despite my extremely rough start, I have learned to really like bioinformatics and all of the wonders that come with it! It is always so exciting to me to have a fresh set of data to look at and see what you can learn from it! And I want to try to make that inevitable transition from confident biologist to struggling bioinformatician just a little bit easier for anyone else out there that wants the help, so I’ve compiled lessons, code, and tutorials that can hopefully help you get started on your bioinformatics journey!

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